Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation is my current favourite

Hey beauties!

Foundation is the cornerstone of my makeup routine…or maybe it’s concealer…either way, I’m focusing on Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation today. I can have a difficult time finding a foundation that works for me. I have oily but sometimes dehydrated or combination skin, it has neutral undertones when my tan has faded and yellow undertones when I’m tanned. AND I have quite a bit of post-acne hyperpigmentation.

My mother swears by Chanel’s makeup. She once used one of their foundations, can’t remember its name now, which I tried and absolutely despised. It felt so oily as soon as I put it on my face, it didn’t blend well and didn’t have much coverage. It put me off Chanel foundation for years! But then I forgot my Loreal Infallible 24-Hour foundation (which I reviewed here) a week ago when I stayed at my mum’s house and tried her Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and I was so surprised by how much I loved it.

I needed about half the concealer I usually do. The foundation seemed to blend flawlessy with both a beauty blender and a Real Techniques buffing brush and about twice as fast as other foundations, and it didn’t look heavy. FYI I prefer to blend it with the buffing brush just because I think the finish gives slightly more coverage and wastes less product.


It’s not full coverage. I’d say it’s a medium coverage foundation. In its name it does include ‘Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup’ – but don’t be fooled. It gives a very decent amount of coverage. My acne and hyperpigmented skin loves it. When I went to Debenhams Chanel counter the representative I spoke to said the more full coverage version was dewy, which wouldn’t be great for my oily/combo skin. Although this one isn’t necessarily for oily skin either, it does a good job of keeping the shine at bay until about 12pm when I apply at 7am, which is a decent amount of time for me. I usually need to powder every couple of hours. Particularly when I have to battle my way through London’s Tube every morning. That causes a sweat!


10am. Ignore my big forehead. But do you like my hair cut? I hacked off 2-3 inches.

12:30pm. Look at that shine.

1pm. After a powder touch-up.

Now, the price. It retails for £34 usually, but Debenhams is selling them for £28.90 online, not in store. I got it for £30 on Black Friday though which was nice. Mine is shade B50 Beige, which I feel may be a tad too orange on me. It’s not really noticeable since I blend it down to my neck and generally I have an olive complexion, but I may look into B40 Beige for my next purchase. I do think Chanel really needs to expand their shade range, it’s really limited to people of olive and tanned complexions, which is so unfair. Where are the shades for dark and pale skin tones? Come on Chanel, you can do better.





Dream bag and metallics

I may be a bit of a boots hoarder but I am surprisingly picky with what bags I buy. I like them to be good quality which means they are likely to be pricey and I don’t always have the cash to spend.


This bag though…I had to have it. I allowed myself to think of it as a belated birthday present for myself (my b-day was last month – the big 25!). I felt like it was a decent excuse.

Since it’s Gucci, the quality is obviously out of this world and it will go well with the majority of my closet, which is a must when I’m buying an expensive bag. It was a whopping £1,790. It makes my heart race thinking about it…

As you can see, I’m very happy with my purchase.

It’s versatile. It’s black with a silver embellishment. It’s big enough to fit in all my essentials, perfect for a day walking around London or a night out with friends. Although probably best to keep it away from those crazy nights out where alcohol will be spilling and you’re planning to work up a sweat on the dancefloor.

All in all, it’s a nice all-rounder.

Today I wore it with these fun gold metallic trousers from Missguided, they only have it in burgundy now. And a sexy sheer Guess top I got on sale in Barcelona in July and Office suede boots.




Love me some Oxblood

Ribbed jumper dresses are one of my loves. They are comfortable and easy to style. You can go down so many different routes, from grungey to elegant. What’s not to love?

Topshop always does jumper dresses well. I like them to fit the body like a glove and emphasise parts of my figure I like and hide those I kind of dislike.

This midi I found yesterday in Oxford Circus does that. Also, wow Oxford Circus was mad. Black Friday weekend isn’t a joke!

The midi gives me a slightly hourglass sillouette. Oxblood is such an elegant colour, and the flared bottom makes it slightly different from other jumper dresses I have.

The gold thin hem on the sleeves and the skirt is a pretty detail that breaks up the look slightly.

For a while I couldn’t decide if I should go with my black biker boots or my Aubergine coloured sock boots from Zara. Shoes can really change the direction of an outfit. It’s life or death.

Yeah, probably not.

Both boots would look great with the dress. But I decided to go with the sock boots this time around. I went with gold jewelry and subtle makeup to complete the look.

Also, I apologise for not providing a link to the dress. I looked for it on Topshop’s website for ages and couldn’t find it. But here is it’s code: 23D23M BUR.




Does the Loreal Infallible 24H-Matte foundation hold up?

Hello beauties!

Today was a horrendous day of train delays, which is bad for my stress levels but good for testing my foundation. Which is what this post is all about so, good?

I have oily, oily, very oily skin. It’s the bane of my makeup life. Usually I rely on my Waterproof Setting Powder from Makeup Artist Choice to keep it in check. I have to re-powder every couple of hours, which is annoying and doesn’t always look great at the end of the day. Who wants to look powdery/cakey? NOT ME.

So, on my occasional (meaning 5 times a week) wander through Superdrug Loreal caught my eye with their Infallible range, which has quite a big following. Given my oily skin problems, I decided to try out their 24H-Matte foundation along with the Infallible Mattifying Base and their Infallible Fixing Mist.

The foundation shade range was disappointing. There are only six shades, so I think someone really pale, and someone with dark skin would really struggle with finding a match. Not ideal and I expect better from Loreal.

Even for me a match was a little difficult to find. I ended up with going for Honey 30 even though it’s a bit dark/orange for me because Natural Beige 13 was very pink toned. When I’m not very tanned I tend to be in the neutral medium shade range.

I do love a good primer, but I hate when they feel really silicone-y, and this mattifying one feels like I’m straight putting silicone on my face. It’s a clear gel and it spreads really easily and the foundation sits on top of it really well. The foundation itself dries down pretty quickly, so you have to blend fast. Yesterday I tried it with a damp beauty blender which looked good but it did sheer it down, and I like a fuller coverage. So today I went in with Real Techniques foundation brush instead and it gave great coverage without looking cakey.

After I contoured, highlighted and put on some eye makeup, I set the look with the fixing spray which definitely made all the layers kind of into one, which looks much more natural. I didn’t set it with my usual powder the whole day to see what would happen.

The finished look. 9:30am.

After that I got on with some work on my laptop and was pleasantly surprised to see my makeup didn’t look shiny at all two hours later. It hadn’t moved or creased anywhere which is a problem I usually have to deal with by then.


By lunch time I had a very slight sheen, but it just looked like I have a healthy glow rather than icky oil. Everything was still in place, even my mascara! It usually ends up on my under-eye by this time.


By the end of the day I definitely had a very noticeable shine, but I wasn’t too bothered about it because I didn’t look like a greaseball. And my pores, although not invisible, were not very noticeable. And man I have big pores.

3pm, still holding up well, there is a slight shine but it doesn’t seem to show up in this picture.

For such affordable prices, these three products are amazing! But, and this is a big but, if you have oily skin AND break out quite a bit then I’d be careful with the primer. It really does its job well, but because it is so siliconey be aware that it could block your pores and cause a spot or two if worn every day.  It’s a definite go-to for a conference or a night out though.

8pm, very shiny but not like I went headfirst into a bowl of grease. Sorry about the bad lighting.

The foundation did cover most of my imperfections, as long as you apply it with a brush. You don’t need a thick layer. I suspect though that the foundation won’t hold off the shine on it’s own for more than an hour or two. The other two products were doing most of the work.

The fixing spray was great, I could tell it did it’s job straight away. It really pulled the layers of makeup together. Again, these types of sprays can hurt your skin since they’re full of alcohol, which can be drying. You would think I’d want that with my oily skin, but dehydrated oily skin is literally the worst. Oh my days, the WORST. But I probably will use this spray a lot. Some reviews did say they got white spots on their face when they sprayed it, so you do have to shake it really really really well. I haven’t had that problem so far.

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think?



The best outfit for wandering around central London on a cold autumn day

As much as I love autumn, today was bitingly cold. I definitely need to start moisturising my hands more regularly now…

But I love that we can get away more with using our spring and summer clothes more this season. And red may be the colour of the season (which I’m actually ecstatic about), but pink could be a close second.

These pink wide leg trousers are from a few months ago so I don’t think they have them in stock anymore but here’s a cropped version without the tie waist. I love the pale pink colour, it gives the outfit a bit of cheery spring feel which is nice when a lot of Londoners are wearing black or grey.

Not that I’m not one of them usually.

My thin knit grey jumper is from Reserved, and they have a ton of colour options and various knit alternatives which are all really affordable. In general, Reserved is just fabulous. I’m not reserving my judgment…OK yeah I know I’m not funny.

But the two things I’m wearing that really steal the show is my coat and my trainers. Did that read as really smug? I’m feeling smug.

First is the coat, which cost me a pretty penny. Not surprising, since it’s a Michael Kors coat. The checked look is crazy this season. If you haven’t noticed then you’ve been living under a rock. Buying this coat for £535 made my bank account weep, but I figured even when the checked trend stops urm, trending, it’s still extremely wearable. I know it’s something I’ll be using for years. Plus the masculine fit is so fashion forward, and more importantly, comfortable. I won’t have to worry about the winter in this.

My trainers, the second show stopper, are so shiny and noticeable that I felt a little ridiculous the first hour of wearing them. But they are so fun and out there, which is good for an introvert like me. I got mine from ASOS. There’s another similar pair that is on sale right now, along with this one, both also on ASOS.

I accessorized it with a classy Burberry bag to elevate the look from lazy chic to mid lazy chic, haha.

For a day out on the town with family it was a comfortable outfit and I felt like I could pig out without worrying about my stomach bloat showing, an important factor haha.


Ready for flared faux leather trousers? I’ve found the perfect one in Topshop

Leather trousers are sexy as hell but a pain to put on, let’s be honest.

The ultimate pair is usually considered to be the skinnies, tight like a second skin. But I like to be comfortable, so it’s good to always have a pair on hand that is a little looser and a bit more forgiving.

Thankfully, flares are on the rage this year, and that’s translated over to leathers too. They are so flattering with a pair of sexy high heeled boots. Not quite ready to let go of your skinny jeans? Try these instead.

They work so well for day and night, work and play, that you won’t feel weird in them wherever you intend to go. Perfect for work and drinks after! Sexy, but not scary.

This Topshop faux leather pair are so comfy, and affordable at only £36. Real leather is nice, but not always within our budget. These are a good alternative. And instead of a button, they zip up on the side on your hip. They are extremely comfortable to move in, so you don’t feel constricted.

Admittedly, since they’re faux leather, there’s not much breathability so you will sweat under them. Be prepared for that! So I would only wear these on a cold day or night. It would probably be a good idea to avoid the Tube in these so you don’t pass out from faux leather induced heat stroke…

I know leather trousers seem daring, and people can often find them intimidating to try. But they work for everyone, whatever your shape or style. I styled mine with a simple white Ralph Lauren shirt and a black blazer from Mango with flared sleeves in size Large for a more boxy fit. But it would also go beautifully with a tweed or checked coat for some added texture. I popped on some New Look black patent boots that are currently on sale from £29.99 to £22.49.

For me black leather really elevates an outfit, and is a nice change from black jeans.But maybe avoid wearing it with a leather jacket unless you are really brave. Some people can pull it off, I’m not sure I’m one of them unless it is a drastically different colour.

I went out for dinner and drinks in this outfit and I felt like I looked good, but I did get really hot. I do get like that a lot in general so I’m not sure if it was the trousers or not, but I was fanning myself with the menu the whole night.

A great addition to any wardrobe, I’d say this affordable pair of faux leathers would be a stand out piece.


Coat season is here and I think I’ve found the one from Tommy Hilfiger and their collab with Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has amazing style, and there is no doubt that she is an icon in the fashion world. It’s no wonder her first and second collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger were such a success that there’s now a third collection.

The items are pricey, there is no doubt. Particularly for us broke millenials! But they are definite investment pieces. The whole collection is beautiful, trendy but still classics that can be used for years. The pieces are high quality and you know you will get your moneys worth.

This autumn I’ve turned into a bit of a coat fanatic, particularly since I missed out on a gorgeous Joseph coat that I’m still mourning since they ran out of my size and haven’t restocked  (cry with me). But when my mum and I stepped into Tommy Hilfiger on Regent Street and she spotted this gorgeous Mohair Wool Coat from the Tommy x Gigi collab, I just had to try it on.

It falls beautifully oversized on the body. The checked design is so in right now, but undoubtedly also has a long future. The colours, a pretty mix of navy blue, red hints of yellow and white, really jazz up autumn and winter outfits that are usually more neutral. And at £370, it’s certainly more affordable than some other big brand coats on the market.

It’s perfect for winter, I get so warm in it now so it may still be a little early for it, but I can’t resist putting it on because it’s just so beautiful. Right?!

I styled it with a River Island top and patent biker boots, Zara velour trousers, a shiny Versace bag and of course my Mui Mui sunnies that I got at the airport duty-free! The sun was hiding most of the day but I just need the smallest excuse to whip them out haha.

But seriously, go and check out the Tommy x Gigi collection. It’s gorgeous and trendy but classical. You can’t go wrong.

For reference, I got mine in size XS.



Putting the sun to good use with this dress, you never know when the rays will come back

Autumn has arrived, but the sun hasn’t abandoned us yet.

This weekend was actually pleasantly warm, so I whipped out my favourite summer dress.

I’m a fan of bright colours; oranges, reds, pinks.

I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate towards more warm toned colours, which I think best goes with my skin tone and hair colour. This dress really does that.

The short front and long back gives it a sort of ethereal feel, particularly when I was flouncing around my mum’s garden in it.

The off the shoulder trend is still very much in, which I love. Is it weird that I like to show off my collarbones? Is that a thing?

I bought the dress from Muse, a boutique on King’s Road that is really worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Certainly pricey, but their pieces are often timeless and more affordable than other boutiques with similar stock.

I wore it with brown leather strappy Steve Madden heels I got on Black Friday in the US a couple of years ago.

What do you think of the look?

A lovely displaced button dress that could temper your need for that Rouje midi

I’m taking full advantage of the good weather this weekend, starting today.

You know those gorgeous dresses by the French brand Rouje that people are obsessing over? I’m one of those people. But they’re a little out of my price range at the moment, so when I found a dupe in Topshop I was thrilled.

This lovely number is flowy, blowing easily with the breeze which shows a risque, but just right, amount of leg and it’s really slimming.

The displaced buttons makes it unique but elegant, so I couldn’t resist pairing it with these bright red Zara slingbacks, and a denim jacket from Missguided to help dress down the look.

Just for fun I popped on these statement earrings from Mango.

I felt right at home in this outfit while out and about in Knightsbridge. A cute but practical look for a day out in the posh part of town.

It is selling pretty fast though! So I’d grab one quick.


Autumn Fashion Colours Are So Beautiful, Check Out This Stunning Zara Coat

Autumn fashion is probably my favourite. I do love the summer, it’s fun and colourful. But there’s something special about autumn.

The muted greys, the comforting browns, the unexpected deep reds, the layers, the surprising dress on a warmer day – what’s not to love?

When I saw this particular coat online I rushed to the nearest Zara coat to try it. The colour is so eye-catching, a deep dark red that differentiates itself from other red coats on the market.

Being the colour of the season, everyone is wearing red! And for good reason, it’s the best colour ever.

But it makes me want something that will set me apart. This coat does that. And for £79.99, you know you’re getting a good deal.

It’s so soft and pillowy, you feel like you’re wrapping yourself in a blanket.

But it’s surprisingly thin, because of how thick it looks. So you’d need to make sure you’re layered up in the winter.

Zara was also selling velvet trousers in the exact same colour, and I had to have those too! They are beautiful together.

I wore it with a pale pink thin knit from Reserved and a pair of khaki green felt lace up boots from Public Desire.

I think I’ll be raving about this coat for some time.